In my creative research, I explore spiritual essence of life contrasted with the material world; their synthesis and interpenetration and aesthetics of ethereal. Three ideas I consider to be very important to form the concept of my work: intangibility and strength of spiritual essence, fragility of the finest movements of the human soul, and synthesis in all aspects of life.

In my work, I strive to express metaphorically a dualism that always exists in nature: the
harmony as well as the contradiction between the fragility, and the strength that reveals itself in different forms of life such as human beings, trees, leaves, flowers and snow crystals.

What gives the strength to these fragile entities? It is an interior structure connected to a stem, a trunk that allows a fallen leaf to be preserved and survive throughout the winter. Inner spirit allows people to survive under unbearable circumstances. What is the struggle between the spiritual, physical, and emotional? What is the harmony?

Often they exist simultaneously. The human skeleton is very rigid. The human soul is fragile, but it also has great strength. The human spirit is incredibly strong while being an absolutely intangible essence. Where is the edge between the materiality of bodies, and ephemerality of the soul and spirit? I am attempting to capture this edge. Intangibility and frailty opposed to the rigidity of the body have a very complicated balance. What comes first in this dual nature? In my opinion, it is spirit.